Better than Paper have created a new, lean, online publishing solution, and publishing model that’s free from the constraints of outdated practices, instead, it delivers greater efficiencies, cost savings and valuable opportunities – fast.

Our aim is to enable businesses, of all sizes, to access affordable publishing capabilities so they can engage customers through personalised, geo-targeted content – anytime, everywhere.

We inhabit a digital world

Consumers expect to be entertained and informed, and also expect to access the latest news and information in a real-time, relevant manner. With print, content creation and distribution costs escalating, our aim is to help businesses produce content in a way that is both timely and cost effective.

Better than Papers technology solves the key challenges brands face in becoming publishers – delivering a seamless content creation process – without the need for developers. This approach empowers the swift distribution of content to customers – wherever they are – on any device.

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