Hiscox, an award winning and leading global insurance provider offers extensive business insurance tailored to the needs of SME’s, professionals and consultants.

One of the first generation of products launched by Better than Paper – ‘The Hiscox Informed app’ – is a dynamic magazine news resource for SME’s. The app collates the most relevant news and information for small businesses in one, easy to access platform. The app works across mobile and tablet – delivering current information for UK business owners by sourcing engaging and inspiring articles from a range of carefully selected sources including the Telegraph Business section, Ted and Springwise.

Access real time content anywhere

The app also allows users to bookmark favourite articles and access social networks to stay on top of news feeds and share content with peers. Small businesses using the app can easily tap into interesting insights – which help them make more informed decisions. When the app was initially launched, the product reached a coveted Top 10 position within the business category in IOS App Store.


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