OH Assist is a leading UK based occupational health services provider. The organisation works with UK and international clients across financial services, manufacturing, media, retail, transport & logistics, and utilities.

The challenge

Capturing and analysing patient data is critical for occupational healthcare professionals. There is significant paper work generated from each patient assessment. This patient data needs to be collated, and then manually entered or uploaded into a digital repository which can lead to transcribing errors, significant time delays and additional costs.


Going digital – fast

Better than Paper helped OH Assist move forward from a traditional scan to archive approach- to capturing patient data in real-time. A cloud based product was developed for OH Assist to enable rapid digitisation and storage of their paper-based patient assessment forms.

The innovative two-way platform is easily configurable, and allows administrators to interact with healthcare professionals in real-time. Administrators can swiftly update patient forms and share with occupational health nurses – who can then upload the data during patient assessments.

Keeping data secure and accessible

The platform’s integrated, digital signature capability ensures the verification of any patient data input occurs – before uploads take place. An offline capability means that patient data can be accessed by occupational health nurses where there is no internet or wi-fi connection. Once a connection resumes, the encrypted patient data is uploaded securely and automatically.

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